The Loneliness Song (old offensive song)

by Tadeo Maradiaga, Steven Maradiaga

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just a recording of me and my brother

unrelated to my actual music


this song is for all the lonely people
who want to die but they can't find out how
so they wanna commit suicide
but they don't want to
or else they're gonna find them inside the house

when they do that
you find that you suffocated
but you lost the house
'cause they didn't like you
your wife run away
'cause you are gay
and they don't like you
so you run away

once you run away
people call you gay
you're a fucking faggot
and no one likes you
so you're really lonely
and you need some help
so you're gonna call someone that

somewhat likes you

and then
you call them and say they're your friend
but they say you're not friends anymore
'cause you suck
suck fucking dick and you are fucking gay
you are really sick and you can't take it anyway

so, you get a gun
put it to your head
you are not dead yet
so you're gonna go,
down to your bed
try to suffocate yourself in a pillow
but you can't do it
'cause you don't know how you can go
can't go to hell so you don't know how
try to go do
you tell somebody
and they don't like you so they

they try to kill you
but you cannot die
or else you will be arrested
and eaten alive
just kidding
they will be dead
if they shoot your gun and

next day
you try to lose it all
so you're playing a game
online with your friends
with your friends
just kidding
you don't got anymore friends
'cause they hate you
and they don't like you
and they just want your life to end

playing online
you meet someone that you like
if you like them
then you wanna take a hike
and a ride
and you're gonna take a ride
so you're gonna do it
you'll never feel so alive

meet them
in your real fucking life
that you don't fucking have
'cause you need a fucking life
you're desperate
to have someone in your life
'cause you're useless
and you wanna get the knife
and shove through your throat
'till you won't be alive

when you meet them-


released July 3, 2017
my brother did the singing



all rights reserved


Tadeo Maradiaga Inglewood, California

you may know me from my youtube, or google+, or whatever. here is where i release my music for download (besides soundcloud and rytmik ultimate but i think bandcamp is better).

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